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Data Governance

Data Governance ProcessAs data-driven decisions increasingly become the expectation, it is critical the right data is being captured and its use maximized. A systemwide data governance committee is being formed to address strategic master data management of the numerous, substantial data projects within the California Community Colleges.

The goals and objectives are as follows:

  • Establish a systemwide Data Governance Advisory Committee (DGAC) to recommend policy and oversee execution through a Data Governance Office (DGO)

  • Establish and operate a Data Governance Office (DGO) to operationalize policy across systemwide data sources

  • Fund and track implementation projects to align current and future data initiatives with data governance policies and procedures.

Under direction of the Chancellor’s Office the California Community Colleges Technology Center will work cooperatively with the advisory committee to operate a data governance office to achieve the goals of the initiatives. The CCC Technology Center will coordinate efforts to plan and execute the projects.

  • Engage and promote inner-office and inter-office cooperation
  • Provide financial support for the initiative and projects
  • Provide final authority and approval of policies and procedures

Data Governance Advisory Committee

The DGAC, composed of appropriate stakeholders from appropriate systemwide constituencies, will review and provide guidance and recommendations to the Chancellor’s Office for directing the initiative and decision-making specifically by:

  • Review and recommend a strategy for data governance
  • Provide sponsorship for the community and data governance adoption
  • Review and recommend a process for decision-making over data governance policies and procedures
  • Review and recommend a set of approved policies, standards, requirements and definitions
  • Review and recommend a Governance Management Plan for the Data Governance Office

Data Governance Office

The DGO will have responsibility to coordinate and facilitate data governance for individual projects specifically by:

  • Draft proposals for data governance efforts
  • Follow recommendations of the Advisory Committee to coordinate and execute proposals
  • Drive the documentation, approval and operationalization of policies, standards and processes
  • Facilitate ongoing communication to stakeholders across the CCC system
  • Manage alignment with data owners, e.g. MIS, college CTOs, EdResults, etc.
  • Oversee the activities of the data stewards
  • Support data quality efforts including the definition of business rules
  • Work with the Master Data Management project to implement the Data Governance rules and standards in code.
  • Work with internal auditors to enforce compliance with policies, standards and regulations

The value of the Data Governance Initiative will be realized through the participation in developing and adoption of policies and procedures by stakeholders in existing and new data projects specifically by:

  • Participate in committees and sub-committees when invited
  • Share and consult with the DGAC and DGO
  • Adopt policies and procedures through implementation projects